Nurturing Your Soul For Inner Peace

May 14th - June 10th, 2017

Are you stressed?

  • Is your life busy and hectic?
  • Is your soul-care inconsistent or nonexistent?
  • Do you think your schedule is too full for you to take time for yourself?
  • Do you want to increase your inner peace?
  • Do you want to improve your relationships?
  • Do you want to strengthen your connection to your Spirt?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, this program is for you!

That was my life in 2008!

As American collectively went through the very stressful economic crash that also had personal repercussions, I spent the year:

  • Getting remarried
  • Haveing a premature baby
  • Haveing a baby that needed early intervention services (she is in a gifted program now)
  • Buying a new home (old house that needed lots of repairs)
  • Moving to Westchester from Brooklyn (where I had lived all my life)
  • Closed my private practice in Brooklyn
  • Closed my holistic health center in Brooklyn
  • Renovating my Brooklyn house
  • Finding people to rent my Brooklyn house
  • Being a landlord
  • Started a new private practice in Westchester
  • Arguing all the time with everybody!
Stress was HIGH!

I quickly went from having lots of self-care time (I typically started every day with 45 minutes of meditation followed by a 45-minute workout) to feeling accomplished if I showered most days (anyone that has had a newborn knows what I mean).

I was depressed, anxious, sleeping poorly, gaining weight, forgetting to eat or bingeing on Oreos!

I was a mess! Falling apart! Overwhelmed! Loosing my ability to take care of my family and my patients...
...Because of a few simple adjustments and actions that take 5 minutes per day to apply, I started feeling 100% better even before the tangible stresses improved.

Now my marriage, my life (no less busy) and my business are 100% FABULOUS!
I went from
overwhelmed, stressed & depressed
to inner peace due to complete trust in myself and my Spirit.

It took me most of 2009 and a lot of trial and error to figure out how to turn that 45-minute a day meditation practice into something that could achieve the same emotional balance but fit seamlessly into my hectic day.

I wish I had someone to help me figure it all out like I will be able to help you.

In Nurture Your Soul you will:

  • Learn quick ways to nourish your soul so you will never feel depleted again.
  • Master everyday soul self-care that will keep you grounded and radiating love leading to better relationships with yourself and  everyone else
  • Harness spiritual energy so that you can manifest your FABULUSE life
  • Change your inner world from hectic and harried claiming the inner calm and peace you deserve
  • Develop a network of like-minded people so that even after the program you can get support from people that can help you never loose your inner emotional and Spiritual balance again

You will receive:

  • Receive daily feedback from me, Dr. Akhu
  • Have unlimited access to bite-sized lessons including:
    • Understanding Spiritual Energy
    • Meditation Basics
    • Mantras
    • Creating Personal Self-Care Rituals
  • Share 1-hour live feedback calls with your group

This is what one of my successful clients said:

"Before we worked together, I was inwardly suffering as a result of my choices to not be my full self and accept myself. I had lived like that all my life, BUT when I met you, I had just had my first child. So now all of my old coping strategies were just going haywire because I suddenly had a whole new set of expectations and stressors with attending to my newborn baby girl. I didn't come to you knowing what I needed to work on specifically, except I knew I just wanted to feel less anxious and stressed. I didn't enjoy being me or even being with other people because it was too tiring.  I had used a lot of self- help books and read a lot to avoid talking to someone because I didn't trust anyone, but I was able to talk to you. You helped me work on liking myself regardless of what others thought. You helped me find ways to do that while being in graduate school and having a family. Thanks, Dr. A. My world is 180 degrees better. Instead of leaving my husband we are expecting our second child in June."
                 ~ Amina O.

•  Daily feedback         - a $400 value
•  Bite-sized lessons   - a $400 value
•  Feedback calls          - a $ 600 value
That’s a $1,400 values all for just $197!
Plus everyone that signs up by Monday, May 8th will receive a bonus individual session with me!

Not sure?
Give it a try risk-free!
If after three days you decide that this course is not for you then you will receive
a refund of 100% of your money, no questions asked.
(Ok, I might ask why but I will give you your money back no mater what your answer ;-)

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