Online Course

Make Time to Write
You have lots of wonderful writing projects in your head.

You have great intentions to finish your book, article, dissertation or the writing needed for your business.

What you think you don’t have is time to write!


Dr. Akhu is a mother, wife, teacher and business owner who understands how challenging it is to carve out time to write when there are so many competing priorities. However, she has made time in her hectic schedule to publish four books.

If she can do this so can you!

In this course, she will show you how to make the time in your current busy schedule to write regularly!

Dr. Akhu will:

o    Share the writing process that allowed her to complete her first book, finally, and then to publish one new book every year while living a hectic life.

o    Tell you about research that proves how productive writers work differently than others, and show you how you can apply the analysis to your own life.

o    Show you how making small improvements and adjustments that will pay off with you writing consistently and finishing your projects! 

"The Make Time to Write Course is an opportunity to develop the habit of writing on a regular basis. If you have some challenge with writing but it is something that you want to do, this is an opportunity for you to get feedback and support in writing on a regular basis. This course helped me to focus on success as opposed to what I didn’t do.

Dr. Akhu taught me how to create a writing ritual, and I also created mantra affirmations to help me stay positive.”
  ~ Amadoma​​
​​ Bediako